New Project Car: 1965 Envoy Epic

1965 Envoy Epic

I’m not done my Mercedes Benz 220D yet but I couldn’t resist picking up this 1965 Envoy Epic. It is the optimistically named Envoy Epic which is a Canadian only variant on the Vauxhall Viva HA sold at Chevrolet/Oldsmobile dealers. The Vauxhall Viva was also sold in Canada at Pontiac/Oldsmobile dealers. There is a bit more info here – … beginning/

1965 Envoy Epic side

The car is very solid – pretty much rust free with some dents and dings. It runs and drives but needs a little carburetor work – an accelerator pump diaphragm for the Solex. Anyone got a parts supplier for this? Give it too much gas and it bogs and stalls.

1965 Envoy Epic dash

Interior is pretty awful however. Very much sun damaged as vinyl is extremely brittle and foam has degraded. Back seat seems ok but I suspect it will crack the first time it is sat on.

1965 Envoy Epic engine

It has 46k miles on the odometer which could very well be original. All the hubcaps are accounted for. The chrome strip down the side makes it a Deluxe! The Enovy version usually used the higher trim Vauxhall headlights or tail light to differentiate it from the Vauxhall version in Canada. So all Envoys of this generation used the round tail lights. Oddly they are all red unlike the UK SL which is two red and one orange. The Canadian Vauxhall Viva used the lower trim lights.

1965 Envoy Epic rear

From my research the Deluxe added the following features over the Standard:

Chrome trims around front and rear glass
Stainless gutter trims
Chrome body trim
Opening rear side windows
Chrome quarter light frames
Model badge on truck
Both seats adjustable
Dashboard padding
Chrome gauge surrounds
Black window winder/ inner door lock handles
Two sun visor
Rear arm rests and ash trays
Interior grab handles
Lined trunk
Sticker on dash
Courtesy light switches
Two tone colour front door cards
Upgraded seats
Extra sound deadening
Cardboard trim panels under dash
Window washer pump

1964 Envoy Epic Line

Not sure what my plans are for it yet. Pictures taken at seller’s place and I’m going to store it for a month or so to get my Mercedes finished up then bring home. I’ll get it roadworthy as is first and see were to go from there.

Some of the important specifications:

1057cc (64.5 cid) inline four cylinder
44hp (50hp gross) @ 5,200 rpm
62 lb-ft of torque @ 3,000 rpm
8.5:1 compression
2.925″ bore
2.4″ stroke
Solex B30 PSEI-6 carburetor

4 speed manual
1st – 3.765
2nd – 2.213
3rd – 1.404
4th = 1.000
R = 3.707

Rear axle:
semi-floating hypoid drive

Front Suspension:
Independent with upper and lower control arms. Transverse leaf spring with telescopic dampers.

Rear Suspension:
Semi-ecliptic leaf springs with telescopic dampers.

Rack and pinion. 18:1 ratio

12″ steel wheels

12 volt positive ground

Wheelbase: 91.5″
Length: 155.1″
Width: 59.4″
Height: 53.3″
Track front: 47.4″
Track rear: 48.2″

Enovy Epic / Vauxhall Viva HA - Mechanical component cutaways

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7 Responses to New Project Car: 1965 Envoy Epic

  1. Glen Schattner says:

    Nice score. Did you find it thru Kijiji or auto trader? Haven’t seen one of these for a dog’s age in my neck of the woods near Winnipeg, Manitoba.
    Should prove interesting finding the unobtanium parts you may require for this old girl.
    My current summer cruiser is a ’56 Dodge Regent…never mind trim parts…just finding basic brake parts was a nightmare.
    Will be interesting to see the follow up on your new find.

    • oldcarjunkie says:

      Mechanical bits seem to be available on eBay UK. The trim and interior bits are much harder to find. Any of the Canadian specific bits are probably impossible to find outside of a parts car.

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  3. Derek says:

    Nice epic, I have a ’64 that i’ve been trying to restore for the last 15 years or so, not nearly in as good of shape as yours though. I do have some extra parts that I have accumulated, let me know what you need I will try help you out.

    • oldcarjunkie says:

      Thank you for the kind offer. I actually sold my Envoy a little while ago.

    • michael cutt says:

      my son and i have a 65 that has been modded a fair bit. most importantly it has had a engine swap..a 2.4l nissan four banger putting out about 160hp, and a five speed gearbox. We are seeking parts to upgrade the rear suspension and rearend which remain regrettably stock. And insight you have would be appreciated. we are in the toronto area.

      • oldcarjunkie says:

        You’ll need something pretty narrow. The stock diff has the extended pinion. A Chevette has a very similar layout – might be the easiest swap. The S10 has a stronger axle that is only a little wider but doesn’t have the extended pinion.

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