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Taking the diesel Mercedes to the auto-x!

Conventional wisdom would suggest that a big, old, heavy and diesel powered classic car is not the ideal auto-x weapon. This is undoubtedly correct but I brought out my 1970 Mercedes-Benz 220D anyway. No one would accuse it of being … Continue reading

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The 220D back on the road

After finishing the bodywork the 220D is now legally registered, insured and back on the road. I got rained on during the initial drive but everything went well and a managed to get a few photos.

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Solex B30 PSEI-6 carburetor rebuild – 1965 Envoy Epic

When I bought my 1965 Envoy Epic the seller said it needed a new accelerator pump diaphragm. It would stumble and stall under anything more than the most modest throttle inputs. So I figured it could do with a carburetor … Continue reading

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Paint and Bodywork on the done on the Mercedes-Benz 220D

So the Mercedes Benz 220D needed a bit of bodywork. The driver’s side fender was really, really bad. Fortunately the parts car had a decent replacement fender that could be used with minimal repair.

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