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Triumph Spitfire – Voltage Stabilizer Replacement

When driving my newly acquired Triumph Spitfire I noticed that both the fuel and temperature gauges were reading low. One faulty gauge I could believe but both? Seemed a bit unlikely. Both run through a voltage stabilizer so that seemed … Continue reading

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Zenith Stromberg carburetor clean up

My Spitfire has a too high idle as well as a stuck automatic choke. While most people toss the poor Zenith Stromberg carburetor in the trash I thought I’d give a shot at cleaning it up and making it function. … Continue reading

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Triumph Spitfire 1500 Specification Page

I always like the collect the specifications for any car I own and the Spitfire is no different so here are the complete Triumph Spitfire 1500 Nor

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1966 Mercury Truck Brochure – Canada

I purchased this Canadian market brochure for the 1966 Mercury pickup truck at the swap meet a few weeks ago.

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A little bit of progress on the Spitfire

My newly acquired Triumph Spitfire came with a broken driver’s side handle. The previous owner had vise grips to open and close it. This worked ok for a very short while but then snapped the remainder of the handle. In … Continue reading

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Lethbridge Swap Meet 2014

One of the highlights for me is the annual Lethbridge Swap Meet. I generally don’t buy much as most of the parts for sale are for classic and vintage American cars but it is great to have an automotive event … Continue reading

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