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Two minor victories today on the Mercedes Benz 220D

Two minor victories today. First the car now has usable rear seats. Second a bit of white grease on mechanism and now the passenger door locks and unlocks smoothly. Amazing considering it would hardly budge before. I did the rest … Continue reading

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Rear shock replacement on a Mercedes Benz W115 / W114 /8

Here is a quick couple shots to show the shock replacement on my 1970 Mercedes 220D but should work pretty much the same on any W115 or W114 chassis. This is actually quick an easy DIY job that almost anyone … Continue reading

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Lethbridge Swap Meet 2013

I always enjoy attending the annual classic car swap meet held in Lethbridge, Alberta. Most of the parts for sale are for 50s to 70s American stuff with some hot rod bits thrown but it is always to browse. I … Continue reading

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