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Truck spotting day

A few older trucks spotted on this winter Saturday 60s Chevrolet 4×4 truck with a Jeep CJ behind it older Chevrolet a 70s Ford F250 Explorer

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Hungarian MircoCars of the 50’s

One of my all time favorite links is the Hungarian MircoCars of the 50’s article by Paul Negyesi. These cars have such wonderful expressions. The Alba Regia and Balaton sure have a cartoonish face to them. They were also built mostly from World War II left overs. Scrap metal and aircraft rims and wheels. Continue reading

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Snow off roading

Snow off roading. Sadly it was really slippy – must have rained or melted then piled on an additional few inches of snow because it wasn’t deep but we kept hitting ice. Anyway the truck did well on its first … Continue reading

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Lethbridge Vintage Auto Swap Meet 2009

Ah the annual, early Lethbridge vintage auto swap meet. Held in February to give us car guys something see in the winter months. Almost all the parts were for American cars 60s and older so I didn’t manage to snag … Continue reading

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Saab Sonett I – Render

I’m working on a 3D model of a Saab Sonett I. Never heard of it? Most folks haven’t as they only made six but I love the funky, minimalist looks. I’m using Blender 3D (a free, open source application) for … Continue reading

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1961 Bedford Dormobile Camper on eBay

Interesting Bedford Camper on eBay this week. Sure would make an interesting (if slow) way to explore the country. Nice change of pace from the classic VW campers too. Might be a tough sell at that price. eBay Motor Link

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Local Finds – Nissan Pao

I was very excited to see this Nissan Pao in Calgary. These are part of Nissan’s retro craze in the late 80s / early 90s including the S-Cargo, BE-1, Figaro, etc. They are based on humble mechanical parts making servicing … Continue reading

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1962 Volkswagen 1200 Canadian Standard Resurrection

I’ve aquired a 1962 VW 1200 (ie Beetle) – its a reasonably rare Canadian Standard which means its got the following unique features mall standard headliner No chrome trim on dash or door panels No chrome on running boards No … Continue reading

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