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1974 Renault Gordini 17

Here is a car that rarely comes up for sale – a 1974 Renault Gordini 17. Of all the 1970s Renaults I’ve seen come up for sale in the last few years have all been the Gordini version which makes … Continue reading

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High River Car Show 2011

The High River car show is one of the latest of the season and certainly one of the biggest with something like 1200 cars in attendance. Held on September 25th, 2011. Full gallery here with over 100 photos Quite a … Continue reading

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Logic Lumber Car Show

Held in October this is the last show for the season and actually quite a decent one with both an indoor and outdoor component to it. Not too many photos this time around but here is the full gallery with … Continue reading

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A few bits and pieces for the Corolla

Any cheap car needs a bit of work when you get it. Double that for a really cheap car. I’ve got a little list of things to be done on the Corolla before I get it on the road for … Continue reading

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Like new Toyota Corolla AE86

The AE86 Corollas have been big the last few years but I wonder how many would have predicated their status when new. Looks like at least one person did and acted on it. This from Belgium so it is a … Continue reading

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Winter Beater Purchased

In yesterday’s post I talked about my search for a winter beater. I took the hopefully more reasonable route and purchased a 1987 Toyota Corolla sedan. The price? Eighty dollars. Will take a few more to get it reasonable and … Continue reading

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Shopping for a winter beater

The time has come to shop for a cheap car to get me though the winter. I’ve been commuting with a bicycle so far but it is getting a little cool and things get a bit dicey with the snow … Continue reading

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