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1963 Datsun 312 Bluebird

Interesting 1963 Datsun 312 Bluebird for sale – very early Datsun sold in North America that you can see the Austin influence.

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Junkyard Shopping Guide

I love junkyards! Yes its a bit sad that all those cars are ending their days in a muddy automotive graveyard but I prefer to see the potential in each car. A rear drive Corolla is a fantastic Locost donor, a rolled over Chevrolet S10 could donate its frame to an old pickup hot rod and even something humble like a Suzuki economy car can have some fantastic light, aluminum parts. Continue reading

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Canadian oddity

The Asuna Sunrunner was a Canadian only variant on the Suzuki Sidekick that was sold at Pontiac dealerships. It was later sold as the Pontiac Sunrunner when the Asuna brand was stopped. Continue reading

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Mazda Rx-7 Spotting Guide

Another spotting guide but this time for the Mazda Rx-7. I have soft spot for these having owned two first generation ones. Mazda Rx-7 Spotting Guide MAZDA RX-7 1st Generation (1979-1985) Series 1 (1979-1980) Mazda Rx-7 (image by Dave_7) Mazda … Continue reading

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Hyundai Stellar Spotting Guide

Visual Hyundai Stellar spotting guide Continue reading

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Find of the week – Austin A90 Westminster

Austin A90 Westminster found in small town Continue reading

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15 Kickin’ Canadian military vehicles

15 Kickin’ Canadian military vehicles Continue reading

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