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Building Shop Towel Holder

I did not have a great place to store my shop towel in the garage. In the middle of a project I would often leave it on the floor next to the tools which inevitably led to it getting misplaced … Continue reading

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Out with the Envoy and in with a Volvo brick

I’ve sold off the Epic Envoy as it needed a bit more work than I could give it. Happily it went to a good home. The new owner had one as his first car back in the day. I planned … Continue reading

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Taking the diesel Mercedes to the auto-x!

Conventional wisdom would suggest that a big, old, heavy and diesel powered classic car is not the ideal auto-x weapon. This is undoubtedly correct but I brought out my 1970 Mercedes-Benz 220D anyway. No one would accuse it of being … Continue reading

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New Project Car: 1965 Envoy Epic

I’m not done my Mercedes Benz 220D yet but I couldn’t resist picking up this 1965 Envoy Epic. It is the optimistically named Envoy Epic which is a Canadian only variant on the Vauxhall Viva HA sold at Chevrolet/Oldsmobile dealers. … Continue reading

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A few Car Builders or Selectas

I’ve come across a few virtual car builders and quite enjoyed playing with them. The Lada above is from Lada Selecta. A few more below …

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A&W Cruise for the Cause in Lethbridge – 2012

I attended this year’s A&W’s Cruise for the Cause with two of my boys so not too many photos this time out but it was a fun show. My middle boy won a prize at the ring toss and picked … Continue reading

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Mazda 2 with MazdaSpeed engine swap

Looks like someone took a MazdaSpeed 3 drivetrain and stuffed it into the lighter Mazda 2. The looks to be converted to a race car as well but retains most of the interior. I’m told it raced in the One … Continue reading

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