V8 powered Mercedes Benz W123 wagon

1982 Mercedes 300TD V8 1

I enjoy interesting engine swaps and while this one uses the ubiquitous Chevrolet small block V8 it is interesting because the engine has gone into a 1982 Mercedes Benz 300TD station wagon.

eBay Auction

1982 Mercedes 300TD V8 3

The swap uses a 383cid V8 and looks very well done as well as including functional A/C. Looks like headers were used to solve for clearance issues.

1982 Mercedes 300TD V8 4

The interior looks fantastic. I do quite like Nardi wood steering wheels but not sure if it works in this particular application. As well I might dye the dash cover to match the dash myself. Bonus marks for using the stock gauge cluster.

1982 Mercedes 300TD V8 2

Outside the car looks stock except for the chrome later model Mercedes wheels. A set of coloured coded hubcaps would be my choice but that would limit the tire size.

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