1963 Datsun 312 Bluebird

Interesting 1963 Datsun 312 Bluebird for sale – very early Datsun sold in North America that you can see the Austin influence.


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7 Responses to 1963 Datsun 312 Bluebird

  1. Jerry says:

    Anybody know what happened to this car? Its not listed any more. The sedans are super rare in North America, the wagons were imported in small numbers but the sedans had to be specially ordered and took months by boat to arrive. My grandfather worked at the first Datsun dealership in Western Canada and he used to sell these but he only ever saw 1 sedan come through his dealership. If anyone finds this car, pleas email me. I have been looking to restore one and I have 2 wagons in rough shape (rust up to the door handles which is typical for an old Datsun in Canada) but I would rather have a sedan because of the low numbers in North America. Check the Toyota automobile museum website to see one of these restored. Very nice.

    • oldcarjunkie says:

      This was listed for sale on and off for a few years so you could put a wanted ad for it in Edmonton. I didn’t realize the sedans where special order – that is interesting.

    • eugene says:

      weird I have seen lots of 312 sedans but I have never seen a 312 wagon.

  2. derrick719 says:

    he did not sell it ive been chatting with him for a little while now he is restoring it.

  3. eugene says:

    he still has it for sale and is open to offers

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