Lethbridge Street Wheelers weekend – Part 1

Lethbridge Street Wheelers weekend is a once a year event that formally includes a night cruise, 100ft drag races, auto-x and a show & shine. The cruise is held on Friday night and they shutdown a whole major street for special interest vehicle cruising. After that there are interesting cars around town all weekend. There are other automotive related events on as well like the Pentastars & Friends in the Park put on by a local Chrysler dealer and the lower rider show Dropsicles. I didn’t make the cruise or the drag races this year but managed to make everything else as well as take a few photos cars around town.

First up is a few photos from the Dropsicles show:

1991 GMC Sonoma low rider truck

1991 GMC Sonoma

1952 Kaiser Frazer Henry J

1952 Kaiser Frazer Henry J

1980 Cadillac with ’92 Fleetwood front and rear ends. Air bag suspension and really neat sliding ragtop roof.

1980 Cadillac

Nice rat rod

Rad Rod

Velocity stacks

Slurpee drinking contest – One of the contestants suffering from a brain freeze. The man next to him in the Oilers shirt was the winner by a large margin.

Slurpee drinking contest

They had t-shirts frozen into ice blocks – contestants had to break or melt them apart and first one to wear his shirt won. Most just threw their ice blocks against the other contestants ice blocks.

Frozen T-shirt contest

Next up is the Pentastars & Friends in the Park show. I had very limited time at this one.


1970 Dodge The Dude – The Dude was an optional package available on Dodge trucks. Featured a cowboy hat logo and distinctive C shape stripe. Only 1500-2000 where made between 1970 and 1971.

1970 Dodge Dude

1970 Dodge Dude

1935 International C1

1935 International C1

Then on Sunday morning there was the Auto-x. It looked like a nice course to drive but unfortunately it was much less spectator friendly as we where only allowed in the stands this year due to insurance reasons so with my small pocket-able camera it was a definite challenge being so far away.

Chevrolet S10 race truck looked to a handful around the course

Chevrolet S10

This Honda Accord had a rather noisy exhaust but did seem to put up decent times for the time I was watching.

Honda Accord

Body learn on this 1973 Datsun 510 going through the cones.

1973 Datsun 510

After the Auto-x it was straight off to the show and shine held downtown which will be detailed in part 2

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2 Responses to Lethbridge Street Wheelers weekend – Part 1

  1. Robert May says:

    Nice pics. We really enjoyed the weekend, went in the controlled cruise on 3rd ave and also to the show and shine down town. I will get my pics uploaded to my Lethbridge real estate blog

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