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Replaced the Rear Sway Bar End Links on the Mercedes Benz 220D W115

As you can see the sway bar end links on my 220D were well past their best and not functioning. The free floating sway bar gave a nice clunk over any bumps. They would need to be replaced.

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Taking the diesel Mercedes to the auto-x!

Conventional wisdom would suggest that a big, old, heavy and diesel powered classic car is not the ideal auto-x weapon. This is undoubtedly correct but I brought out my 1970 Mercedes-Benz 220D anyway. No one would accuse it of being … Continue reading

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The 220D back on the road

After finishing the bodywork the 220D is now legally registered, insured and back on the road. I got rained on during the initial drive but everything went well and a managed to get a few photos.

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Paint and Bodywork on the done on the Mercedes-Benz 220D

So the Mercedes Benz 220D needed a bit of bodywork. The driver’s side fender was really, really bad. Fortunately the parts car had a decent replacement fender that could be used with minimal repair.

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Rear shock replacement on a Mercedes Benz W115 / W114 /8

Here is a quick couple shots to show the shock replacement on my 1970 Mercedes 220D but should work pretty much the same on any W115 or W114 chassis. This is actually quick an easy DIY job that almost anyone … Continue reading

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Hello and Goodbye Parts Car – 1971 Mercedes Benz 220D

My recently acquired 1970 Mercedes Benz 220D would likely not have been economically reasonable to fix up if I didn’t have a cheap parts car to pull from. The missing and broken items list added up to well over the … Continue reading

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Latest Project – 1970 Mercedes Benz 220D

Here is my latest project car and my first diesel vehicle; a 1970 Mercedes Benz 220D sedan in an attractive blue colour (Biscayne Blue I believe). To make the low powered diesel at least palatable it has the four speed … Continue reading

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