Rear shock replacement on a Mercedes Benz W115 / W114 /8

Here is a quick couple shots to show the shock replacement on my 1970 Mercedes 220D but should work pretty much the same on any W115 or W114 chassis. This is actually quick an easy DIY job that almost anyone could manage. The hardest part is probably jacked the car high enough to get the shocks in and out.

Rear shock replacement

The top of the shock is accessible from the trunk. There is a little plastic cover (already off and on the floor) to be pulled off. Then there are two 17mm nuts. You can use a wrench or if you remove the plastic bit behind the rear seat you can make room for a socket wrench.

Rear shock replacement

The nuts come off plus a big washer. There is a rubber bit inside the cup bit the comes off too (still in for this photo).

Rear shock replacement

Two 17mm bolts hold the shock in from the bottom.

Rear shock replacement

Once the two bolts are removed the shock slides out. You need a decent amount of clearance room underneath. Grab the shock and compress it a bit. New shock goes in. A second jack would be handy here to compress it enough while you put in the two bottom bolts. Then the rubber donut, washer and two nuts attach up top. Put the plastic cover on and all done. Make sure all the nuts and bolts are torqued down correctly. Easy.

Rear shock replacement

Hard to see but the new to this car shock is now installed.

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5 Responses to Rear shock replacement on a Mercedes Benz W115 / W114 /8

  1. stricht8 says:

    Nicely documented! Can you please tell me from where you jacked the car up?

  2. Heymikeyw says:

    Have you replaced the front shocks? Is that a DIY job like the rear shocks? Nice job in documenting. Thx

  3. fuzzman656 says:

    Important Point
    The shock is the lower stop for the A-arm. Be sure to support it with a jack stand before you get started unmounting the installed shock. See the reference below. I hope this helps. 🙂

    W114 Chassis Manual
    32-110 Removal and Installation of Rear Shock Absorber
    “The rear shock absorbers simultaneously serve as a deflection stop for the rear wheels. For this reason, loosen shock absorber suspension only when the vehicle rests on its wheels or when the semitrailing arm is supported.”

  4. Dave Scheele says:

    Excellent step by step instructions that match the pictures of my 1975 280C. Thank you!

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