Triumph Spitfire – Voltage Stabilizer Replacement

Headlight switch out

When driving my newly acquired Triumph Spitfire I noticed that both the fuel and temperature gauges were reading low. One faulty gauge I could believe but both? Seemed a bit unlikely. Both run through a voltage stabilizer so that seemed to be the place to start.

Steering wheel off

Unfortunately the stabilizer is mounted on the back of the speedometer. Pretty much every component on a Triumph Spitfire is easy to access except the speedometer and tachometer. I removed the seats and the steering wheel to allow myself some more room. Still one has to lie down on the floor and sort of curl into a ball and poke their head up under the dash.

Speedometer Wiring

One mount is easy to remove but the other is well back behind several wires. I noticed I was missing half my speedometer cable so add that to the shopping list. That mini valve cover looking thing with two wires plugged into is the voltage stabilizer.

Voltage stabilizer replacement

I had a spare speedometer with one could take off. The new (used) one seemed to do the trick for the fuel gauge and the temperature gauge will have to be tested at a later point.

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4 Responses to Triumph Spitfire – Voltage Stabilizer Replacement

  1. Jack says:

    Did you grow up in lethbridge? And if you did was there any european sports cars around?


    Hi, realizing that this is an old post I’m working on my 75 Spit and have a bit of an issue.
    Now, I’ve re veneered the dash last year but was not all that fond of it so this time I;m using Leather throughout the Car including the dash, crash pad and made new larger door panels_. Yellow with black and honestly, looks great.
    Gas gauge. Tach and Speedo- that black 3 ring ground harness..
    I believe it goes below the thumb screw and washer on the Speedo/Tach and Gas gauge correct?
    The temp gauge stands alone.
    That sound about right?
    If not, please advise.

    Dave (Toronto)

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