A little bit of progress on the Spitfire

broken handle

My newly acquired Triumph Spitfire came with a broken driver’s side handle. The previous owner had vise grips to open and close it. This worked ok for a very short while but then snapped the remainder of the handle. In fact in snapped right as we got the car home. Luckily he included the parts needed for repair. Since I stuck door is rather annoying I undertook this as the first repair.

It was a little of a challenge to get the winder and panel off as the first instruction in the repair sequence is to open the door wide … which I couldn’t do.


Speaking of the winder check out the bodge a previous owner did. That is a brass furniture knob on the end of the winder. There is a tiny pin to press out when releasing the winder. I used a long thin metal fine and hammered the end of the pin with it.

Panel off

Once the panel is off the problem is even more evident.

New one on

The replacement part fitted. A little fiddly to install but its in and working. I’m leaving the panel off for now but at least I can open and close the door.

Headlight switch out

The headlight switch didn’t always reliably turn on the headlights so I released the center gauge panels (four screws) to investigate. Sure enough it seemed like an internal switch problem. When I released the switch it fell apart.

Headlight Switch

Some previous owner had tried to glue it but I think a new one is needed.

fuel pump

Two fuel pumps on the car. Someone capped off the mechanical one and installed an electric one. They didn’t give it a mounting bracket however. This will need to be resolved.

On a happy note I found a Mini 1000 driver’s side mirror the looks same as the missing Spitfire one. I also found a lens for the missing hazard light indicator.

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