Dodge The Dude – but also a Fargo

The Dude was an optional package available on Dodge trucks. Featured a cowboy hat logo and distinctive C shape stripe. Only 1500-2000 where made between 1970 and 1971. There is a Dodge Dude website out there with lots of information. I managed to see this nice example last year at a car show.

1970 Dodge Dude 1970 Dodge Dude

Don Knotts was famously (or perhaps infamously) the pitchman for The Dude.

Now with my usual perusing of local classics for sale I come across a Canadian Fargo truck in Dude trim. This does make some sense as Fargos were sold at Canadian Plymouth dealers and were Dodges with only minor variations in trim and badges. It must be very rare however as of the 1500-2000 total most would have been sold in the US. Then of the number sold in Canada that number would have been split between Dodge and Fargo. Add in survival rates and we’d be looking at a very small number of Fargo Dudes. Fargo The Dude doesn’t quite roll of the tongue like Dodge The Dude but a very interesting and rare classic indeed. Hopefully someone restores this one and doesn’t re-badge it as a Dodge.

seller’s ad:

1970 Fargo Dude
318 Engine, Automatic, 323 differential
Engine has headers but can supply the original style exhaust manifolds.
Truck requires fresh fuel and a battery to run again, has been stored for a number of years.
This truck is very collectable as the Dude was only made in 1970/71 and there were approx 1500/2000 total.
The Fargo version is the rarest as it is a Canada only truck.
The truck has some scratches and dents but minimal rust
Will consider all offers or any 1969 Plymouth Fury 2 Dr Ht as a partial trade.
I will consider delivering the truck anywhere within a 300 mile radius of Medicine Hat for mileage and expenses

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8 Responses to Dodge The Dude – but also a Fargo

  1. bill says:

    you still have this. want to sell

  2. Jim hobson says:

    I have a 71 green and white dodge dude for sale

  3. Jim hobson says:

    I have a dodge dude for sale

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