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OHC six cylinder Firebird

An OHC, six cylinder Pontiac Firebird is so much more interesting than a run of the mill Firebird V8 because of unique engine. Rated at 230hp with the Sprint package the overhead cam six cylinder engine sports a four barrel … Continue reading

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Pontiac YellowBird

I recently came across a 1980 Pontiac YellowBird in Calgary. I seem to recall seeing a few Skybirds (the blue one – they couldn’t call it BlueBird due that name was in use by the bus company) when growing up and perhaps a few YellowBirds but none lately. There was also a red one called RedBird. I’d forgotten about them as I suspect most had. They are not performance packages so probably over shadowed by the Trans Ams but they are very visually distinctive. They are also interesting in that they where likely aimed at the female market with the feminine styling touches. Continue reading

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