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Spotted: Nice looking Toyota Land Cruiser

A visit to the local Costco resulted in seeing this gem. A quite nice looking 1970s Toyota Land Cruiser in a very period orange sort of colour.

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Mint GMC Jimmy on eBay

My best friend’s parents growing up had early 1980s Jimmy with a two tone blue and white paint job. I thought it was about the coolest vehicle ever. Certainly better than my parents Datsun 510 wagon (not the cool one, … Continue reading

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Squashed roof International Scout

I came across International Scout in a local storage yard. It looks someone was using it as intended but it ended up on the roof. Looks pretty squashed. I wouldn’t want to be inside when it happened.

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Landrover mongrel

This interesting Landrover is, I believe, an attempt to combine the best of everything into one vehicle. Aluminum body of a Landrover, reliable Japanese engine, and adjustable Citroen suspension. The hydro-pneumatic suspension is sourced from a Citroen DS and SM … Continue reading

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Good bye Falcon, Hello Jeep

Well that was certainly a short time with me but I obtained a Jeep Cherokee for free which meant something in the garage had to leave. Since I hadn’t really had time to bond with the Falcon I choose to … Continue reading

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Wild Dodge Conversion van

This Dodge van is about as wild as they come with a Pathfinder VanCharger 4×4 conversion as well as a massive dose of extra length plus an extra axle thrown in for good measure. Not only that but it also … Continue reading

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Laforza – odd ball luxury SUV

The Laforza is an interesting beast as it is an Americanized version of the Rayton Fissore Magnum 4×4. The Magnum was first shown at the Turin Motor Show in 1985 and sold in Europe with a choice of Fiat four … Continue reading

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