Event Report: Lethbridge Swap Meet 2017


I always enjoy the annual Lethbridge swap meet, it is usually an indication of winter ending and a kick off to the automotive season. I often do not find a lot to buy but get to run into a few folks I know and see some interesting sights. This year was a little colder than usual but still offered the same highlights.

Hot Rod pickup truck The selection of special interest vehicles in the parking lot is often fantastic. This year it was a little thin due to the it being a cold, damp day but several brave owners still brought out their vehicles. This hot rod was labelled the Hillbilly Hauler. It is certainly a driver for someone as it was fitted with winter tires. I believe the body is a 1934 Ford. Hot Rod pickup truck

Looks like a 4.3L GM V6 engine.

Volkswagen Baja Bug A very colourful Volkswagen based Baja Bug. Ford F650

This massive Ford F650 pickup truck makes a statement.

1951 International L-130 There is always a few vehicles for sale including this 1951 International L-130 truck. Body wise it appeared to be in good shape. It was listed at $1800 but needed an out of province inspection. 1974 Chevrolet Suburban

This 1974 Chevrolet Suburban had a 454 big block and was offered at a similar price.

Dodge Ram Charger Continuing our truck and suv theme there were two very similar Dodge Ram Chargers. Swap meet

Moving inside many vendors had their wares on display. A few hub caps for sale here.

1940 Buick Straight 8 - 248cid A few classic engines were also on offer including this 1940 Buick 248 cid straight eight. Hemi V8

And this Chrysler Hemi V8.

Swap meet Swap meet

1948 Pontiac Silver Streak Cars for sale inside included this 1948 Pontiac Silver Streak. Ford Econoline

Ford Econoline.

1959 Pontiac Parisienne Canadian market only 1959 Pontiac Parisienne which means Chevrolet mechanical bits. It was a V8 car offered at $8,900. 1927 Ford Model T

My pick to take home would have been this 1927 Ford Model T for $6,000. Looked to be an older restoration that had maybe had been sitting a while.

1930 Ford Model A Slightly newer but equally tempting was this 1930 Ford Model A. 1994 Jaguar XJS

1994 Jaguar XJS.

Henry J Very bright hot rodded Henry J. 1927 Ford Model T

Maybe just a shell? Another 1927 Ford Model T.

Hot Rod truck - 1956 Chevrolet pickup Hot Rod truck – 1956 Chevrolet pickup with a supercharged 454cid V8. 1971 MG B

The lone Brit of the day was this 1971 MG B. I do not believe the colour was original but it looked sharp none the less.


I have always wanted to build a vintage speedster style car. One vendor had a great collection of parts on display. Sadly this time was not the moment to make a purchase as I would need a bit more garage space.

Studebaker hubcap before I did buy a few little things including three mismatched Studebaker hub caps. They were offered very cheaply and I might turn the best on into a clock. Studebaker hubcap after

It cleaned up quite nicely.

Skoda Rapid owner's manual Rear engine Skodas were sold in Canada for a short time. I have always wanted one but I am likely about two decades too slow as they are very thin on the ground these days. I did get an owner’s manual which is likely as close as I will get to Skoda ownership. 1978 Chevrolet Camaro Brochure 1

I also picked up a 1978 Camaro brochure. a ’78 Z28 was the first car I bought with my own money so I have a soft spot for them.

A few more photos here. hopefully next year the weather is a little warmer to bring out a more full parking lot selection.

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