The Outhouse Hot Rod


A rather curious hot rod made its debut on eBay Motors this week. One part funny car chassis mixed with one part out house. Is it crappy or inspired?

Ebay Motors Auction – November 2015


Given the amusing name “Gotta Go!” this is one hot rod build that does not take its self too seriously.


Power by a Chevrolet small block V8 and backed by a Ford 9″ rear end this rolling potty should be able to go with a problem. It might be a terrifying ride however with sight lines that are even worse than the new Camaro. It will likely be comforting for other road users to know that it is not currently road legal being sold as bill of sale only.


The interior looks rather tight with the outhouse theme continuing inside. I am not sure about the toilet lid placement right above the driver’s head however.


With its crazy tall center of gravity this is obviously a novelty piece rather than a serious build but I bet you would get a load of looks at the local show and shine. Hopefully no one mistakes it for a functional out house!

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