Car Show Report: Coaldale Custom Cruisers Show & Shine 2015

1948 Monarch

When I attend a car show I am always on the look out for Canadian markets vehicles as well as unusual or unique cars. Coaldale, while a smaller place, seems to have a lot of car folk so I always look forward to this show. In attendance was this survivor condition 1948 Monarch which certainly qualifies as something Canadian and also rather special.

1948 Monarch rear

Sold only in the Canadian market Monarchs used Mercury bodies with special trim, lights and grills.

1948 Monarch interior

The interior is still largely original with only some aftermarket gauges as obvious additions.

1980 AMC AMX

This generation of AMX is probably the least well known. This particular example is a 1980 and now packs a General Motors LS series V8.


The widened stock rims are a nice touch.

1958 Ford Skyliner

While more normal car show fare this 1958 Ford Skyliner is sure nice.

1967 GMC

Vans such as this 1967 GMC Handivan have low survival numbers so nice to see someone taking interest in a classic van.

1957 International S110

The John Deere paint scheme is sure eye catching on this 1957 International S110 pickup truck.

1937 Cadillac Fleetwood

This 1937 Cadillac Fleetwood certainly ranks as a very special car.

1942 Dodge pickup truck

This 1942 Dodge pickup truck pulls off the patina hot rod look very well.

Cadillac Eldorado

The square rigged Cadillac Eldorado could only be a product of the 1970s.

Ford Courier

Perhaps not a typical car show vehicle but it was nice to see this 70s Ford Courier pickup as they are very rare on the streets.

1965 Mercury pickup truck

Canadian market 1965 Mercury pickup truck.

1947 DeSoto Club Coupe

A lovely 1947 DeSoto Club Coupe.

1947 DeSoto Club Coupe interior

The inside might be even more lovely.

Plymouth Cranbrook

Plymouth Cranbrook four door sedan.

Nissan Stagera

Only a few imports including this right hand drive Nissan Stagera station wagon.

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3 Responses to Car Show Report: Coaldale Custom Cruisers Show & Shine 2015

  1. Norman Johnson says:

    I was the previous owner of the TVR3000M that you bought from British Auto in Calgary. How is the car doing these days..

    • oldcarjunkie says:

      It was not me (I wish it were however!). I’ve seen a TVR 3000M around a couple times at events over the years.

      • Norman Johnson says:

        To bad as it is one of my favourite cars. Looking forward to seeing it again someday.

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