Alternator Replacement on 2005 Ford Expedition


The battery and alternator died on my wife’s 2005 Ford Expedition so here is a quick overview on the alternator replacement. It was a fairly easy job.

Belt tensioner

Like all these things it starts with the negative cable on the battery being disconnected. After that we need the belt off the alternator. Make sure you know the routing in case it falls off. Mine didn’t. A socket wrench goes into that square hole on the tensioner. You may need an extension to the socket wrench handle. Pull towards the driver’s side and the belt will slacken and come off the alternator.

Belt tensioner off

Belt off.

Old Alternator

There are four 10mm bolts holding the top of the alternator.

Bottom bolts

Two 10mm bolts on the bottom. These don’t actually need to come all the way out – just loosened to free the alternator.


The two wiring connections need to be disconnected.

Alternator Out

The alternator is now free to come out. I have an aftermarket intake that could make this step a little easier.

New Alternator

The new one bolted in and reconnected. Job done.

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