Building Shop Towel Holder

I did not have a great place to store my shop towel in the garage. In the middle of a project I would often leave it on the floor next to the tools which inevitably led to it getting misplaced right when I needed it most. I had a couple pistons of unknown origin that I had liberated from a dumpster a few years ago. Why not use them to create a paper towel holder?

Step one was to find a sturdy base. This bit of wood was left over from a yard project and at 10″ wide proved to be the perfect size.

The salvaged pistons and a light metal rod that was previously headed to scrap metal recycling completed the raw materials.

The wooden base was shorted and then four holes drilled into it. A drill press would have been better but a steady hand and a hand drill works as well. I drilled the bottom side larger to allow a nut to be placed on the end of the piston bolt but if the holes are reasonably snug this step is not required.

Assembly is extremely simple.

Pistons can be tilted either direction or welded upright depending on preference.

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