Rambler Hub Cap Clock

Rambler Hub Cap Clock

I had previous bought a very poor condition Rambler partial hub cap on a whim at the local scrapyard. It cleaned up but rather nicely but what should I do with it? I am unlikely to own a Rambler equipped with three hub caps so how about a clock?

1963 Rambler hubcap - before

As bought.

1963 Rambler hubcap - after

After a steel wool clean up.

Cheap donor clock

A cheap donor clock was sourced in approximately the correct size.

Cheap donor clock

Make sure it is able to be disassembled without wreaking it. Many lower end clocks are not meant to be taken apart.

Clock bitsThe only bits required from the donor clock.

Hole in a hubcap

Very carefully drill a hole in the centre of the hub cap. I initially used a small bit and worked my way larger.

Add colour

The hub cap surface is very smooth and thus hard for paint to adhere to. I raided my wife’s nail polish collection and found a suitable red.

Rambler Hub Cap Clock

The final result. Not bad for a sub $10 investment.

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