Alternator Change on the Volvo 240

Volvo 240 Alternator location

The alternator on my 1984 Volvo 244 GLE was not charging which makes daily driving it a bit of pain. I went to the local scrapyard to source myself a new one. They had a single 240, a pair of 740s and a 940 turbo. The 240 was a wagon that had its engine mostly stripped including the alternator. The 940 was a turbo and the whole engine was now missing. Only one of the 740s had its alternator intact. Luckily it looked reasonably new and would work in my 244.

1987 Volvo 740

The 740 was a 1987 model looked very complete so it was likely a new addition to the yard.

1987 Volvo 740 engine

The alternator is up nice and high on the Volvo 740. Quick and easy to remove. The internet hadn’t but totally clear if it would be the same but they looked the same. Despite the different position all the mounting brackets are the same. I was able to trial fit it to the 245 wagon.

Volvo 740 Alternator

The new one was harder to fit into the 240 due to the low down location on the passenger side. A radiator hose made it a tight fit to squeeze by. Tools used were a 13 mm socket, 13mm wrench, 10mm socket, 8mm socket and socket wrench.


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