Out with the Envoy and in with a Volvo brick

1984 Volvo 244 GLE

I’ve sold off the Epic Envoy as it needed a bit more work than I could give it. Happily it went to a good home. The new owner had one as his first car back in the day. I planned to run just with the 220D for a while but a friend offered up a 1984 Volvo 244 GLE and I’ve always liked them so why not give it a try?

1984 Volvo 244 GLE interior

The interior is in nice shape with only a light clean required. Even came with an era appropriate selection of cassette tapes!

1984 Volvo 244 GLE - 2.3L four cylinder engine

The engine needed a new timing belt which I’ve already done and a bit of a clean. 113hp 2.3L fuel injected four cylinder makes it the most powerful car I own.

1984 Volvo 244 GLE

The GLE is a Canadian market car which was the upper end of the 240 range. The rear window behind the rear passenger door is missing so I need to source that.

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