Volvo 240 series timing belt change

1984 Volvo 244 GLE - 2.3L four cylinder engine

My newly acquired Volvo 244 sedan needed a new timing belt so I’ve documented the process. While not a step by step guide to Volvo 240 timing belt replacement it could be used a supplement to a manual with more photos than the book.


Fan and shroud has to come off first. The fan was tough to get off. Needed quick a bit of persuasion.


Loosened alternator tensioner to get belts off (see 03). and top two cam cover bolts.


Another look at the alternator tensioner bolt.


The cam cover has a couple bolts at the bottom. Mine only had one out of the two.


Cam cover off. I stored the bolts in their spots so they didn’t get go back in the wrong holes. There was one missing but doesn’t seem to affect anything.


Belts off and fan pulley cover off.





There are three bits to line up. This gets the engine at top dead centre. The 22mm nut on the crank can be used to turn over the motor.


The six smaller bolts now came off.


Loosened tensioner.


Compressed spring and inserted a nail to hold in place. Slid belt off.



New belt goes on making the gears stay in place.


New belt on. Yah. Everything that came off before goes back on. Happily the engine fired up and ran nicely.

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2 Responses to Volvo 240 series timing belt change

  1. Glen says:

    Nice ‘how to article’. I’ve always found a lot of the how to do articles in auto manuals a bit lacking in clarity.
    As an aside…did I miss a post? Where did the Volvo come from, and what happened to the Envoy and Mercedes???

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