Taking the diesel Mercedes to the auto-x!

Mercedes Benz 220D autoxConventional wisdom would suggest that a big, old, heavy and diesel powered classic car is not the ideal auto-x weapon. This is undoubtedly correct but I brought out my 1970 Mercedes-Benz 220D anyway. No one would accuse it of being fast but it did better than I thought.

Race Line up

Some pretty serious sporting machinery and … me in the line up to go.


The lack of power steering meant the big old steering wheel go a workout between the cones. That said the handling felt very good (at least to me). With four wheel discs the brakes felt equally strong. Where I felt I lost most of the my time was on the straight bits where the 59hp 2.2L diesel doesn’t give a lot of acceleration.

bodyrollThere was definitely a bit of body roll but I did discover after the fact that my rear sway bar was disconnected for some reason. Maybe I’ll have to try again with it now that it is re-connected.

no hubcapsWhile I didn’t lose any the first time around for the second set of runs I took off the hubcaps.


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1 Response to Taking the diesel Mercedes to the auto-x!

  1. stricht8 says:

    You’re not the first one to notice the handling merits of a 220D! Some idiot years ago in NJ wanted to chase me with his newer model Japanese sedan. Apparently, my lack of acceleration taking off from a red light annoyed him so be wanted to get out and fight. I took off, and he angrily chased me but could never catch up on the windy back roads. I was sliding and fish tailing all over the place! Showed him not to mess with an old Merc!

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