Paint and Bodywork on the done on the Mercedes-Benz 220D

Front fender replaced

So the Mercedes Benz 220D needed a bit of bodywork. The driver’s side fender was really, really bad. Fortunately the parts car had a decent replacement fender that could be used with minimal repair.

Fender rust

Here is how bad it was – pretty ugly. Oddly the inner structure of the car is quite good.

Fender off

The fender came off but not without crumpling.

1970 Mercedes Benz 220D progress

Repair work on the fender, rockers and rear bumper mount took place. The car was prepped and painted in a colour very close to the exiting colour.

1970 Mercedes Benz 220D

It is a bit dirty here as the garage is rather dusty. Still need the bottom bit of chrome trim to go on but definitely getting there. I need the bit to hold down the trim on the windshield too. The plastic grill swapped out for the chrome one. Just about there.

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