Instant Collection – Seven Lada Nivas for sale

Lada AdSo you’ve always wanted your own collection of Lada Nivas? Well you might be in luck. Here is an ad for seven of them. Looks like there is a Riva station wagon in there too being used as a parts storage unit. The very early 1982 would be a rare unit these days. The claimed 450K kms on it is very impressive as well and displays the robustness of the Niva. Most of these ended up in the scrapyard due to rust issues not mechanical concerns.

Lada Niva 1

While I’d love another Niva I’m sure I don’t have the space to handle seven of them. The seller provides a link to a photo gallery that shows a few more of the trucks. A few have wild repaints in yellow and bright green in addition to the usual red and white Niva colours. From the looks of it a dedicated person could make several runners as well as having a massive parts supply. Hopefully these find a home.×4-collection-W0QQAdIdZ458424670

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1 Response to Instant Collection – Seven Lada Nivas for sale

  1. gord says:

    looking for a lada for sale or free.I work in alberta but live on Vancouver island

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