Triumph TR3 / Air-Cooled Volkswagen Hybrid

Some custom cars are real head scratchers. Take this 1958 Triumph TR3 for example. It has been re-powered at some point by a Volkswagen air cooled engine. Perhaps back in the 1970s or 1980s parts were easier to come by for a VW engine than the original Triumph motor. Or perhaps the stock engine died but why go to the trouble of converting it to a rear engine car? The VW would have offered a reasonable performance downgrade. Even a Ford Pinto four cylinder would have been a better choice.

The engine doesn’t look like a Beetle unit. Maybe from a fuel injected Squareback?

Fender flares at the rear to accommodate the wider VW donor’s track width.Tail lights look rather VW-ish too.

Complete with home made looking dash. I wonder if this thing is just a Triumph body sitting on a VW pan. The front fender flares seem to support that idea.

check out the ad

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