The (once) World’s Biggest Truck – 1973 Terex Titan 33-19 dump truck

World's Largest Truck - 1973 Terex Titan 33-19 dump truck

This Titan 33-19 was once the world’s biggest dump truck. A title it held from 1973 to 1988. This was the prototype of a proposed production run but is the only one ever produced. This was built in Canada by Terex, a subsidiary of General Motors. Powered by a diesel/electric power-train charged by a two stroke, turbocharged 169.49L V16.

If you get a chance to visit Sparwood, BC it is definitely worth taking a look.

Titan 33-19 Information Sign

I’d seen a few big trucks. This one is the biggest so far. I do believe I saw this one in action years and years ago. We visited the mine in the very late 80s I believe and saw quite a few monster dump trucks in action. I seem to recall them pointing out this one but the memory is a little fuzzy. It retired in 1991.

Logan Lake - Wabco Mining Dump Truck

A few years back saw this slightly smaller Wabco located in Logans Lake, BC.

Euclid Dump trucks

and just recently these smaller yet Eulids.

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