Mint GMC Jimmy on eBay

My best friend’s parents growing up had early 1980s Jimmy with a two tone blue and white paint job. I thought it was about the coolest vehicle ever. Certainly better than my parents Datsun 510 wagon (not the cool one, the late 70s one). This example on eBay is about as perfect as one could ever imagine. It doesn’t have the neat two tone paint but the condition is amazing. With only 9,745 miles on it the body condition is a beautiful thing.

eBay Auction

Looks straight off the assembly line.

Straight forward and functional interior.

V8 engine of course

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2 Responses to Mint GMC Jimmy on eBay

  1. Ryan says:

    It has a lot of used car dealership sneaky things on it, like everything is sloppily painted flat black in the wheel wells, in the shots with the wheels off even the threads on the studs are painted, as are the shocks, rubber brake lines, inside of the plastic air damn, so they rattle canned it just before each photo. I can see paint over dirt too. (the sloppy looking undercoat is correct though) They also carefully try to omit the passenger side rocker from all the photos at close up lower angles because it’s messed up towards the front, you can barely see it here

    There are tons of small issues with this one that are just not right.

    • oldcarjunkie says:

      That is a good eye to spot all those things. I guess that is partly why there are a lot of photos but they are all pretty small too.

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