Divco Milk truck

Now here is something I didn’t know; the iconic Divco (Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company) multi-stop delivery truck was produced right up until 1986. Perhaps part of the ignorance is that I don’t ever remember seeing any of these in western Canada so we perhaps didn’t get them at all but I think I just assumed they died out in the 60s or so. This eBay auction shows one produced in 1984 which would have been near the end of production. These later ones are powered by a carburetor fed Ford straight six so mechanical parts would be very easy to find. Gearing would still be super low as they were designed for start and stop urban delivery.

The design for these trucks dates back to 1938 and featured all steel construction. A Continental four cylinder was the sole engine until after World War II when Divco offered a six cylinder Continental as well. As early as 1940 refrigerated and insulated vans were offered. Engine options increased in the 1950s with a Hercules six cylinder added to the option list. Engine choices were again changed with a Detroit-Diesel or Nash six cylinder being offered in the 1960s. By 1964 Ford six cylinders engine were offered and then standardized. An automatic transmission was also available around the same time. The Ford engines would remain until production wound up in 1986.

Divco also produced the Model 40 but it wasn’t as long lived as the classic sub-nosed model.

Divco had bought Twin Coaches and the Divco-Twin name was used for a number of years.

The Divco certainly didn’t gain too many luxury features over the years. Almost always associated with Milk delivery they also were used for other delivery jobs and occasionally garbage collection.

Pretty sure the bikini was not the uniform of choice back in day.

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3 Responses to Divco Milk truck

  1. Michael Hamm says:

    The DIVCOs were the standard in Alberta, making the rounds of Edmonton and Calgary and some other towns such as Fort Saskatchewan. There is one that JusCuzCustoms found in a field near Stony Plain that is being turned into a rod for the SEMA show in 2013. See bits of it at http://www.hammerspaintandgearz.com . Cheers. Michael.

    • oldcarjunkie says:

      Thanks for the info. Probably just before my time then. These delivery trucks do seem popular with the hot rod crowd probably thanks to the sort of Art Deco styling.

  2. Larry Z says:

    They were great to deliver out of! I delivered milk ( home delivery) out of one for Silverwood Dairies in Victoria BC from 1974 til about 1977. Very tricky to get used to pivoting on your right heel ( gas) and one pedal for clutch and brake ( 1/2 way down was clutch , all the way down was brake!

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