Lada Heat Machine – Wild heater equipped Lada Niva

Check out this fantastic Lada Niva custom equipped with hydraulics and a massive heat source. It showed up for sale on Kijiji. It is rare enough to see a Niva as early as a 1980 model never mind one with some custom body work.

Take a look at the rear where they have converted it to a two seater with a short deck on the back. Looks like a well done job rather than a home made hack. The rear window looks rather like something from a small pickup but the rear pillars smartly use the stock rear end but stylishly integrated. It actually looks better than the later dealer sold Niva pickup. Only the checkerplate covering lets it down a bit.

The heater equipment is interesting in its own right. I’m not exactly sure where you need this sort of portable infrared heat but maybe in construction or outdoor concerts. Looks like the builder hoped to franchise his operation.

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2 Responses to Lada Heat Machine – Wild heater equipped Lada Niva

  1. Hardy says:

    thanks for the comps..,I was instrumental in building this prototype,and just recently got it back in my makes a lot (lada heat)

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