Winter boots for the Mazda 2

Mazda 2

Like it or not winter is coming. All season tires are often a compromise in cold weather so I’ve sourced a set of dedicated winters for the best performance. The bolt pattern on the Mazda 2 is 4x100mm which is quite common. Still it was a bit tough to find a set in the correct size. Lots of selection in too small 13″ and too large 17″. I got a decent deal on a set of used but nearly new tires that are mounted on a set of 15″ Eagle 192 alloy wheels.

The Eagle folks have a cool configuration tool to see what they will look like on. Mine are more chrome but I’d probably rather the duller silver finish but can’t be too choosey when shopping used. The wheels are 15″ rather than I’d guess more like 17″ in the photo. Mine also is not at all lowered like that either. Still should look pretty good for winter tires and rims.

Try it yourself at:

Winter boots for the Mazda 2 - Eagle 192

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