Over accessorized 1962 Sunbeam Rapier Convertible

It is hard to think of many cars less suited to wild metallic paint and a bunch of aftermarket bits than a Sunbeam Rapier. A classic Rolls Royce perhaps? I hate to criticism someone’s car but the Rapier is a rather classic British design heavy on the chrome and it just does work with bright blue and yellow paint. It is a sober cruising car not a boy racer. This look may work for some on an old Cavalier but the cheap hood vent and nasty wheel covers clash with the style and mood of the car.

Interesting that we have a dual carb engine under the hood but again it looks to have received the whole accessory isle at Canadian Tire (or Pep Boys for US readers).

The work itself looks reasonably well done but a curious choice for a tuner car.


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One Response to Over accessorized 1962 Sunbeam Rapier Convertible

  1. parents says:

    This car was originally done up for a teenage girl as her first car and she thought it was fine this car is all original with the exception of paint and hubcaps and a bit of chrome .i find your comments to be a little rude and offensive to comment on someones ideas then post them for the world to see if you don’t like it you should not say anything and keep your thoughts to your self lots of people do like it.

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