Maserati Merio (Fiero Merak style hybrid)

There is a lot of custom cars built on the Fiero platform. It is probably the closest thing to the universal donor since the old air cooled Beetle. Kit car manufacturers love it for its mid engine layout and easily replaceable body panels. The vast majority come off as rather less than convincing with only a small number really justifying the work put into them. This car isn’t a kit but a custom built car that again uses the Fiero platform to ape the styling of a more expensive mid engined Italian stallion. Amazingly enough it actually looks quite good though. While the knowledgeable will see the Fiero structure it does work really well and avoids looking cheesy like any number of faux Ferrari kits.

The colour is quite interesting as well and an inspired choice. The builder says he has used Maserati tail lights. Oddly those come off as the most jarring part of it to me. Not sure what the wheels are but they do a good job of looking the part of a 70s super car. The only thing that really lets it down is the 2.5L Iron Duke motor but it looks like the seller intended to swap in the included Volvo V6 engine. Myself I’d skip that and swap in a DOHC V6 or Chevy V8 which are popular Fiero swaps.

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