The Patina Porsche

1955 Porsche Continental Coupe

Check out the fantastic patina on this very rare Porsche 356. This one was a barn find out of Texas and the owner plans to keep the cosmetics as is. Perfect plan as far as I am concerned as it looks fantastic as is. Any restoration would wipe away a lot of character.

1955 Porsche Continental Coupe interior

The Continental was used only for 1955 and only in the US market where importer Max Hoffman wanted a US sounding name for the 356. Maybe it was too American as Ford Motor Company claimed ownership of the Continental and the 356 was renamed European for a short time then the name was dropped.

1955 Porsche Continental Coupe

One year only fender badge

1955 Porsche Continental Coupe

with its descendant – a 928.

1955 Porsche Continental Coupe

I edited this one to remove some other cars and people.

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2 Responses to The Patina Porsche

  1. Jeff says:

    anchor wax would keep the original paint / metal safe – that car would be a joy to use, bet it smells old too

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