5000kms so far on the 2012 Mazda 2

5000 kms

Well I have just ticked over the 5k kms mark on my 2012 Mazda 2 in the three and half months since I bought it. I’ve driven it solo down into Montana, with the family on several longer highway trips as well as regular commuting duty. So far so good.

2012 Mazda 2

Likes thus far:

  • Excellent fuel economy. I haven’t measured it but it is so economical to run that it almost doesn’t matter.
  • Handling is fantastic. Very toss-able and feels very light.
  • Styling from the rear. The front is slightly less successful but still nice.
  • Still loving the colour.
  • MP3 input for radio. While it isn’t a fancy one (just an aux jack) I quite enjoy able to have my own music ready when the radio plays crap. Sure beats the tape players I usually have in my cars!
  • Performance is quite peppy, much more so than one would think with 100hp on tap. Around town it is quite lively. On the highway you definitely need to downshift to pass on a single lane highway – no surprise there.


  • Black interior shows dirt quite easily
  • Clutch pedal isn’t all that smooth. Any new car I’ve tried is the same. I believe this is due to the electronic throttle. I am getting more used to it but will occasionally still have a rougher than I’d like shift. I’ve owned 35 vehicles and a good majority have been manual so I don’t think it is me.
  • Locks are a bit annoying. If you press lock before shutting the door the door unlocks itself. Annoying because if I am with the family I need to have all of them get out and close the doors first then I press lock on the center console. After that I get out and have to lock the door with the key. My is the base car and this would be definitely less annoying with remote locks the car was obviously designed around. Small issue but definitely a big annoyance for someone who doesn’t have and doesn’t like remote locking.

2012 Mazda 2

I’ve one little thing fixed under warranty thus far. It was a little nub to hold the hatch privacy cover up. The kept falling down intermittently. It might have been broken when I got the car or snapped the first time I used the trunk. The dealership replaced the panel and it has been fine since.

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2 Responses to 5000kms so far on the 2012 Mazda 2

  1. Ryan says:

    Love these little 2’s and the Ford Fiesta’s. great cars! My buddy Nate got a 2 sedan in February and he just hit 28,000KM trouble free and all hard miles, even lets me drive the wheels off of it, great car and I highly recommend them!

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