First Alliance Show & Shine 2012

1949 Chevrolet Deluxe

I briefly managed to pop into the First Alliance Show & Shine in Calgary. It was certainly a busy one especially at noon. I had to park a ten minute walk away. With limited time I stuck to mostly the Canadian market cars and any oddballs I came across. The full gallery is here and a selection below.

1956 Meteor Rideau

Quite a rare Canadian market 1956 Meteor Rideau. The owner claims 1 of 206 made. A rare beauty.

1956 Meteor Rideau interior 1956 Meteor Rideau rear

A great selection of Canadian market cars.

1950 Meteor

1950 Meteor

1962 Pontiac Laurentian

Another Canadian car – 1962 Pontiac Laurentian sedan

AMC Gremlin

AMC Gremlin X with a V8

1964 Studebaker Daytona

1964 Studebaker Daytona – not sure if this is a Canadian built one second series or not. Usually you can tell if the steering wheel is white or body coloured. Not on a white car of course.

1978 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

A yellow 1978 Chevrolet Camaro Z28. Very much like my old Z28 except mine was white.

Hot Rod

Some ladies posing in a hot rod

1969 AMC AMX

1969 AMC AMX with a 390cid V8

1988 Toyota MR2

Nice to see such a well taken care of first generation MR2 with no tacky modifications. This one was the faster supercharged version.

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air truck

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air converted to a truck. I remember seeing this one (or one almost exactly the same) around as a kid.

Volkswagen Scirocco

A lovely orange Volkswagen Scirocco leaving the show area as I arrived.

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2 Responses to First Alliance Show & Shine 2012

  1. Derrick says:

    There is a 57 Chevy in three hills but blue looks a little better as it was a nomad

  2. Art says:

    Just gotta love these old rides —

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