Piyami Cruisers 19th Annual Show and Shine in Picture Butte

1946 Studebaker truck

I recently attended the Piyami Cruisers 19th Annual Show and Shine which is held by the local club in Picture Butte, Alberta. It is a smaller town but they always get a good turn out of interesting vehicles. The 1946 Studebaker truck above was a real beauty and something not often seen. The full gallery is http://www.flickr.com/photos/daveseven/sets/72157630504811340/ with a selection below:

1929 Pontiac Rat Rod

1929 Pontiac Rat Rod – this one was a driver too as I saw them drive off and I’ve seen it Lethbridge which is about a half hour highway drive away.

Canadian Pair - Mercury and Fargo trucks

Both Canadian market trucks (the Fargo brand was also sold overseas but those weren’t usually made in Canada) and both in fantastic condition. The Mercury is a 1950 M-47 and the Fargo is a 1968 Adventurer.

1969 Volkswagen Trike

A neat trike built from a 1969 Volkswagen and a Suzuki bike front end. It was powered by a hot VW air-cooled engine at the rear.

1975 AMC Matador 1972 AMC Javalin

Always nice to see some AMC products like this 1975 AMC Matador and 1972 AMC Javalin.

1941 Chevrolet Coupe

1941 Chevrolet Coupe

1926 Ford Model T Tudor 1926 Ford Model T pickup

A selection of Model Ts as well with a these both being 1926 models – a Tudor and Pickup.

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2 Responses to Piyami Cruisers 19th Annual Show and Shine in Picture Butte

  1. Pat Kavanagh says:

    Here are a few more pictures for you:

    All that Yellow

    and this link is to my car show folder, there might be some member cars in there as well:

    Double Smack Fords

    Pat Kavanagh
    Taber, Ab

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