I bought the Pizza Planet truck – 1982 Toyota SR5 pickup truck

Those of you with kids with no doubt recognize the image above as the Pizza Planet truck from the Toy Story series of movies. It has also made some cameos in other Pixars movies as well. Today I bought a parts vehicle for use with my Honda S600 project and it is pretty darn close to the Pizza Planet truck if you removed the orange graphics on the side.

1982 Toyota SR5 truck rear

It is a 1982 Toyota SR5 pickup truck with a 22R engine and 5spd gearbox. It is pretty darn rough – probably too rough to economically repair but it will make a fine donor vehicle for my Honda.

1982 Toyota SR5 truck

The guy I bought it from had owned it from 1984 and it had become has dump run truck before sitting for a year. The battery is toast after sitting as well as the brakes will need a bleed at minimum.

1982 Toyota SR5 truck 5spd

Parts wise the rear axle is in the ball park size wise. Front spindles will work just fine and are front steer to connect with my Honda steering rack. The engine and gearbox might even be ok – I need to run it a bit longer to be sure. Lots of little bits like wiring, horns, seats, etc can be used. Shame it has to be that way I’ve I love the styling and size of these.

1982 Toyota SR5 truck wheel

The 14″ rims should work just fine but perhaps with a slightly lower profile tire.

1982 Toyota SR5 truck interior

See the screw driver in the photo above? Yeah you need that to start it.

1982 Toyota SR5 truck

Seems a good portion of my vehicles always seem to come home this way …

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3 Responses to I bought the Pizza Planet truck – 1982 Toyota SR5 pickup truck

  1. Ryan says:

    You need to make a little rocket for the roof while it sits! LOL And a pizza planet door sign.

  2. Derrick says:

    Haha I was eying that on kijiji

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