Some interesting cars on eBay – Skoda, Borgward dragster, pink Berkeley and custom Toyota truck

Some real oddball cars on eBay today and I do love a good, wacky car. I’ve got four to share today that are quite varied. One has a Ford 460cid V8 while another a 328cc two cylinder. We have a rear engined Eastern block car as well as a pickup loved by third world militias but customized a bit.

How about we start with a Borgward dragster … Borgwards were a very solid, upper middle class sort of German car. Less well known in North America but quite well respected in Europe. They never had a reputation for speed or sportiness – sort of a German Buick or Lexas if you will. Not much of this wagon remains except the shell of course and it is finished off with a wild paint job.

1957 Borgward Isabella Combi eBay auction

Now how in the heck would a 80s Skoda end up in Oklahoma? I suspect it was originally sold in Canada and must have traveled down to that States at some point. Having done this drive (and then some) myself in a modern minivan it would have been a heck of a drive in the Skoda. This one is the more desirable and rare five speed model as well. Looks quite far gone but where else are you going find one?

For those that might be not familiar with it the Skoda is rear engined with a water cooled, inline four cylinder engine of 1,174cc and 58 HP. Suspension at the rear is by swing axles and the earlier ones had a reputation for hairy handling.

1987 Skoda eBay auction

I do love Berkeley micro cars as they have great styling on such a small car – very much a sports car scaled down. It is reasonably rare to see one with its original engine as they are often swapped out for a more powerful, modern bike engine. The seller says this one used to be fitted with the odd headlight pods that he has removed but includes with the sale. I’d agree with him that it looks better without.

The Pepto-Bismol pink colour is a very daring choice and I wonder what the story is behind that. The steering wheel and some trim is painted purple to complete the theme. In one of the photos you can see a second, yellow Berkeley.

Berkeley SE-328 eBay auction

Lastly we have a 1981 Toyota truck customized with dually rear wheels and a extended cab. Definitely looks like a wheelbase stretch to accommodate the homemade looking extended cab. The dual rear tires look like they are sitting on a widened single rear rim.

Toyota truck eBay auction

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