Happy Canada Day

Acadian Canso SD badge

Well it is Canada Day so I thought I’d share a few Canadian market cars.

Above and below is this Acadian Canso Super Deluxe which is roughly equivalent to the SS version of the Chevrolet Nova.

Acadian Canso SD

Here is a rather nice Mercury pickup truck

1947 Mercury truck

A Plodge – Dodge trim on a Plymouth body shell. Sold in a few other exports markets but most well known for being Canadian.

1949 Dodge Special De Luxe

We certainly need to add a McLaughlin Buick which was a Canadian version of Buick. This example is a 1914 McLaughlin Buick B24.

1914 McLaughlin Buick B24

The produced in Canada Bricklin SV-1

Bricklin SV-1

The British sold some Canada only variants like this 1960 Envoy

1960 Envoy - Canadian only version of Vauxhall Victor

Ford offered this Meteor for Canada – this one is a 1953

1953 Meteor

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2 Responses to Happy Canada Day

  1. Ryan says:

    What about Monarch? http://fav.me/d2z1026
    And Canadian Pontiac? (which is essentially a Chev with Pontiac trim till the mid 50’s)

    And if you really want to get into it there is the Maple leaf GM truck, Russel (Made by CCM) Fargo…

    Happy Canada day! 😀

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