Demolition Derby and getting in touch with our inner redneck

Demolition Derby

I have real mixed feelings about demolition derbies. On the one hand it is an exciting automotive event that is certainly very unique and offers a chance to get some great photos. But … on the other hand it definitely destroys some cars that are to quite interesting to me anyway. I know that the majority of the cars were junkyard bound anyway but there is a definite sadness to see a once proud vehicle that managed to live thirty or forty years get irretrievably destroyed in a handful of minutes. That said I did take my boys out the derby held in Coaldale this year. And I wasn’t the only one as the place was absolutely packed.

Demolition derby

There was a massive line to just get in and when we finally made it pass the gates there was certainly nowhere open to sit but frustratingly not really anywhere to stand and see either. Luckily I did manage to get us a little viewing spot by sneaking around pass the beer gardens but I heard others that weren’t so lucky.

Big hit

Onto the action! The first event we saw was the full size cars which was mostly populated with full size cars from the 70s with a few outliers from the 60s or 80s in the mix.

Getting hauled away

After the field was whittled down to just three or four the horn sounded and disabled cars were hauled away. The car above managed for an impressive amount of time given that one front wheel pretty much broke off but could not leave under its own power.

Demolition Derby

Another round of full size cars was run. This dinosaur themed car had a small engine fire.

Pontiac Demolition derby car

Interestingly they had a raffle for a chance to drive this Pontiac Parisienne in the derby. I didn’t get to see it race but it did catch fire briefly.

I didn’t realize that the ignitions were removed in these cars and they are started by joining three wires together and then letting go off the starter wire.

Starting a demolition derby car

Next up was the mini-stocks which consisted of small 80s and 90s cars. They were almost all front wheel drive except for a lonely Chevette. The Chevette driver was very active and put on a great show but got taken out about half way through.

Pontiac Sunfire vs Chevrolet Chevette

Check out the head on the roof of the Escort. The newer cars generally did better in this event.

Mini demolition derby

This Nissan Sentra was a rarity being a non-American car but was the eventual winner of the mini stocks demolition derby round I saw. The red and white one behind was a Dodge Neon that I think did quite well.

Demolition Derby

After this finished my boys had seen enough and we called it a day. All in all it was a fun and affordable day out.

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One Response to Demolition Derby and getting in touch with our inner redneck

  1. Ryan says:

    I love Demo Derbies, but I hate to see great vehicles get destroyed, and sadly not as many as you might think were headed to the wrecked before hand. I sell cars all the time and most of the people that come to look at them want them for demo derbies, and I am talking really good if not perfect 50’s-80’s cars and trucks, rare ones, popular ones… a lot of these guys don’t care if it is the last surviving example of something that you spent years getting into shape, I have even had them try to buy cars from the 30’s and 40’s for this… I like it if it’s normal 70’s and newer cars being used that are beaters, but not when they are better then my daily driver… LOL

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