Out with the 808 and in with a brand new Mazda 2

I’ve had some rather poor luck with mandatory safety inspections lately. The last two cars have been running quite sweetly when taken in and both have been returned in non-running condition. This time the timing chain snapped on my Mazda 808. Not really anyone’s fault (unlike last time with my Micra) but frustrating none the less and this proved to be the last straw for my wife. She has been on me to get something “sensible” and new for quite a while. So I towed my 808 home and as luck would have it I needed to store it outside for a few days rather than park in the usual spot in the garage. An owner from the local Mazda dealership slipped his card under a windshield wiper and was looking to see if I’d sell.

Well I possibly could. I do like Mazda and the new 2 is my sort of car (well as much any new car is my sort of car). So a deal was struck were he bought my 808 and and I purchased a new 2. He is planning to do a light restoration and use it for promotion and a showroom draw.

My requirements were that it had to be interesting colour and needed to have a manual transmission. Luckily they had a GX (base model) in the attractive Spirited Green colour with the five speed transmission. Beyond A/C and a block heater there are no other options added. I’m really not a fan of gadgets so this was about as bare bones as one can buy a car these days. That said it still has power windows, locks, mirror and a MP3 input. It is probably one of the lightest cars too at 1051kg/2317lbs (5spd w/AC).

Driving impressions thus far are positive. Reminds me of an updated version of my old Nissan Micra. Not an overwhelming amount of power but very willing and toss-able in the corners.

I plan to keep the 2 a long time as my commuter and secondary family car but this leaves me without an old car for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to correct that soon enough.

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7 Responses to Out with the 808 and in with a brand new Mazda 2

  1. Ryan says:

    My buddy Nate went from his 88 EXP to a Mazda 2 as well, I drove it and loved it, great little car and he got the same options as you just in silver with a checkered flag decal on the sides.

    So are you still interested in any of my Micra parts I have left?

    • oldcarjunkie says:

      Sorry – I won’t need them anymore. I could never get the Micra to run properly again after it will in for its safety inspection. I have no idea what they did but it was terminal.

      • Ryan says:

        It sounds like you need to take your cars to a different inspector, I have yet to have one come back with broken parts or not running… what the hell are they doing to your cars?

        BTW, are you coming up for History Road this year?

  2. oldcarjunkie says:

    I tried two different places with the same result. I don’t know what the heck is going on. Bad enough when I bugger something up on my own but really annoying when I’m having to pay someone else. I’m still mad about the Micra – ran like a top before they got a hold of it.

    Sadly I’m going to miss History Road this year – work training in Las Vegas that week (spilling over the whole weekend too).

    • Ryan says:

      It should be impossible for them to engine damage during an inspection, you’re being screwed IMHO.

      I’d suggest reporting those places to the BBB because something is not on the level, heck even tell the local news trouble shooter…

      BTW I just got the email of this reply.

  3. Eleonel says:

    Hi,did u know where can i find. Mazda rx3,rx7 junker placs

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