Turbine powered Datsun 280ZX

It has been a little while since we’ve had something a bit wacky but how about this turbine powered Datsun 280ZX?

Currently for sale on eBay Motors

The turbo straight six gas engine has been ditched for a turbine Garret GTP series turboshaft engine. The builder claims 210 shaft horsepower from it which a modest bump from 180 that the stock engine would have made.

An aircraft sort of theme is followed through on with logos, tail numbers, tie down text, and ejection seat stickers.

Not your everyday tach …

Interior looks in pretty good shape

Thankfully these headlights cones are removable but are said to be inspired again by aircrafts, this time the SR-71 engine.

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One Response to Turbine powered Datsun 280ZX

  1. Derrick says:

    That’s 3 turbine 280s I have heard of

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