Some new bits for the Mazda 808

I bought a couple little things for my 1973 Mazda 808 Coupe at this weekend’s swap meet.

First up is an old Alberta license plate from 1973 that I can legally put on the front. The rear needs to be a proper modern plate but I quite like the vintage on up front.

1973 license plate


I picked up a spare set of rims and tires. I don’t need them as my slot mag rims and tires are quite good but can’t hurt to have a second set. They are from a first generation Rx-7. I had these on my ’85 Rx-7 and quite like them. The tires have lots of tread and I plan to perhaps use them in an auto-x this summer. A decent buy I think for $80 for the set.

Spare set of wheels

Next up is to fix the brake cylinder leak on the one rear brake.

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