Mazda R100 brochure

I bought this Mazda R100 brochure at the local swap meet from a lady who’d bought one new back in the day. One of the first rotary engine powered cars sold in North America.

click on each page for a larger version

Mazda R100 brochure cover
Mazda R100 02 Mazda R100 03
Mazda R100 04 Mazda R100 05
Mazda R100 06 Mazda R100 07
Mazda R100 08 Mazda R100 09
Mazda R100 back cover

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3 Responses to Mazda R100 brochure

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  3. John Hand says:

    We have had a R100 with a 12A in it since the early 90s. First dad owned it, then son in law, then son, then other son. It gets around, but never leaves the family.

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